EDM Electrical Discharge Machining

Our EDM electrical discharge machining department includes Seven sinker EDM machines and 2 wire EDM’s for efficient machining and precision manufacturing of all types of tooling and precision parts.

Wire EDM Machining Capabilities

Dies – Our Wire EDM’s allow us to machine blocks after heat treating for cutting tight tolerance, complex contours that are free from the distortion frequently caused by heat treating.

Punches – However complex the shape, the Wire EDM cuts close fitting punches with fine surface finishes.

Molds – Intricate molds, even with taper, can be produced efficiently out of normal or exotic mold tool steels.

Templates and Gauges – Elaborate shapes can be cut accurately and quickly without the need for costly grinding procedures.

Die Repair – Rather than replacing a damaged die, some dies can be welded up and then EDM’d to the original shape. Or, the Wire EDM can make a tapered insert, thereby providing a cost-effective alternative to making a new die.

Prototypes – The Wire EDM can machine shapes that are impossible to create with conventional machining.

Splits and Slots – Because it cuts with a small wire, our EDM can cut a slot 0.010″ wide. We can split your existing tubes or shafts, cut collets, machine burr-free slots in threaded shafts, cut internal splines, or machine pockets and cutouts of virtually any shape or size.

Cams – Do you have a special cam designed, but have no way to accurately machine it? Just e-mail us a DXF file of your design, and we can Wire EDM the part quickly and precisely.

Taper – Our Wire EDM has simultaneous four-axis capabilities, allowing us to produce a taper part – perfect for trim dies, punches, or any other parts which require several degrees of taper.

Electrodes – Graphite is just one of the many materials we can machine with Wire EDM, giving us the capability to sink blind holes with complex shapes.

Jigs – The Wire EDM gives us added capabilities to design and machine jigs to meet our customer’s demanding specifications.

Threads – Our sinkers have EDM threading capabilities.

Sinker EDM Machining Capabilities

• Blind Holes
• Tapered Holes
• 3 Dimensional shapes
• Tapping threads in hard materials
• 20 AMP to 200 AMP capability
• Up to 30″ x 60″ tank size
• 8 machines available with state of the art power supplies
• Large central filtration system to assure clean dielectric for flushing